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Your Dog's Zodiac Sign


Did you know that everything has a birth chart in astrology? People, cities, countries, homes, projects you do, your wedding, that song you wrote, and your pets, of course! Most people don't know exactly when their pet was born because so many are adopted from shelters and their age is generally a best guess from the veterinarian. All of my fur kids were adopted and in some cases the shelter's guess as to their age was FAR from what the vet determined. I really looked into this when I couldn't figure out why my CLEARLY Taurus pupper was given an Aquarius birth date. It never fit. And even though we listen to our pets needs rather than treating them like their zodiac sign, knowing who they are can improve our relationship with them and also help with their health. So, here's a description of what your dog would be like if he or she was born under a certain sign. See which one fits your pet the most!

Aries (March 21-April 20) These dogs need ACTION!  No matter what size an Aries dog is, they'll demand attention and lots of play time. They're the kind of dog you can take on hikes and they'll need endless fetch sessions. They'll probably sulk when you stop playing with them. A Handsfree Bungee Dog Leash from PetPonia would be perfect for this doggo. They can be very possessive of their space and of you. They're born to be warriors and will take on people or animals 10x bigger than they are with no fear. You'll have to keep an eye on Aries dogs as they can be alpha and if they tangle with other dogs, sometimes they win in a fight, sometimes they won't, but they'll never act like they need you to protect them. At the dog park they'll be the one leading the games. They're the reason people have “Beware of Dog” signs.

Taurus (April 21-May 20) Taurus dogs are love bugs. They do not understand personal space. If they're a big dog, they'll have no clue and want to sit right on your chest-all 100lbs of them. But those eyes will make you melt. They know how to wrap you around all 4 paws. They'll want to eat all the time and will quickly gain weight if you give in to their begging. They'll go crazy over certain foods-usually rich foods that are not so good for them. So remember, if you give them something once, they'll expect it every day. They need lots of warm fluffy blankets too and they won't think twice about knocking you off the bed in the middle of the night. Teach them how to get their favorite blanket when it's time for bed and you won't have to worry about them taking yours in the middle of the night. They'd love a Reversible Snuggle Bugs Pet Bed, Bag and Car Seat.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) Gemini dogs are super smart. They'll love agility courses and things that are like puzzles to solve. Kong toys with treats in them-things that keep them busy or an adorable Knit Knacks Organic dog toy from PetPonia! They're super curious too and are likely to be the ones who come home smelling like skunk or  with porcupine needles in their nose because they got too close to something out of sheer curiosity. They'll have two speeds-on and off. And you'll probably not know when either is coming. Did I mention they love to talk? This is the dog you can train to say “mama” or howl to your favorite songs. You'll be convinced they understand whole sentences. They do.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) Cancer dogs are not just companions, they're best friends. They connect with their owners so empathically. They'll know when you're sad and show up in your lap to lick away your tears. If you're in a lazy mood, they'll lay right there with you, careful not to disturb you (once they're snuggled in). When you're happy they'll want to share your joy and you'll see it in their face. How about a cozy Handmade Knitted Modern bed to make them feel super safe and warm? They’re great with kids and will be the kind of dog who would mother a stray kitty or make friends with a hamster. But they do need their alone time-just like human Cancers. They can have strong moods and will “talk back” occasionally.  Cancer dogs can have very sensitive stomachs too so be careful they don't get into any table food (Things You may not Have known were poison to your pet). Even though it's tempting to want to share a meal with them they are not likely to be able to handle it well. But you can certainly set a place at the table for them with their own special plate.

Leo (July 23-August 22) Leo dogs are badass. Dress them up in a motorcycle jacket with sunglasses and a cool hat, give them lots of attention, they'll be photo ready all the time! A super bright red “Like a Boss” hoodie from PetPonia's collection would be something they'd wear proudly! Leo dogs should have their own Instagram accounts with lots of fans. They're loyal, sweet, but they know who they are and that they are top dog so don't treat them any less special or you may feel a nip at your heels. You'll need to show them you appreciate any “gift” they bring you or you'll really hurt their feelings. They can be a bit snappy until they get to know a person. Then they will run to them and roll onto their back for some proper belly rubs. Watch their face if they get ignored. It's pretty funny.

Virgo (August 23-September 22) If you're looking for a prissy, chill, perfect in any situation pup, then a Virgo is for you. These dogs will be clean and quiet mostly, but super food fussy. They'll want their bowl in the same place every time, their water must be just the right temperature or they'll tip the bowl and storm out in a huff. Keep their bedding simple and clean and they'll spin exactly 3 times to the right, 2 to the left before they bed down for the night. Teach them how to put their toys away in a box-they'll love the responsibility. They're Mercury ruled so simple challenges are good for them or they'll get bored. They make great service dogs-they have a good understanding of responsibility and duty and are easily trainable. Deck your Virgo pup out in a practical Bandana Collar-stylish and simple.

Libra (September 23-October 22) Dahhhhhling, your doggo needs to go outside. Fetch their rain coat and booties. Makes sure to have a dry towel with their name on it to wipe them off when they come back in, then put their winter sweater on, no not the blue one, the pink one! That's the softer one-they know the difference. The idea of dressing your pets like your children had to have been started with a Libra pet. They just don't look right without clothes. Maybe you haven't dressed yours yet, but try it. You'll see what I mean and you'll never let them go naked again. Check out these fabulous Dog Dresses from PetPonia! These pets need to be socialized with other pets and people. They'll love to visit everyone's lap when you have a houseful of guests. They won't settle for being locked in another room. Polite and adorable, Libra pups can charm even the biggest dog hater.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) You'll never quite be sure what your Scorpio dog is up to. Fiercely loyal and protective, you can totally trust them to vibe out other dogs and people. They'll size up anyone and let you know with a deep warning growl or just sit beside them with a look of “I approve of this person”. They need their own space but will love to share yours. Lots of blankets and pillows like the Snuggle Bugs Pet Bed for a Scorpio pooch so they can “hide” underneath. They may have a habit of sneaking up on you. It's probably not intentional, although Scorpio dogs do love to make their owners laugh and if you approve of anything they do, they'll never stop doing it. So be careful about laughing at them when you find your flower pot on their head and a hilarious confused look on their face. They were probably trying to hide a toy or a bone in the dirt, and well, things got out of hand because they're obsessive. They'll be brave and hearty pets but may not like to travel too much. They like familiar surroundings and they'll mark their territory and check it often to make sure no one uninvited has strayed in.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) This is a pet you can take to the beach, the mountains or on long car rides. They're always up for adventure! Another sign that will feel more like a best bud than a fur kid. They can be clumsy though so if you're doing anything slightly dangerous keep them on a short leash like a lovely Rope Leash from PetPonia-literally. Which they won't like, but it's for their own good. Or for example if you're camping-don't let them wander off. They may not come back for days. Oh, they'll be fine, they just love to explore and don't really care too much about creature comforts so even rattling their food won't bring them back until they're ready. You'll definitely need to keep this dog's shots up to date as they can get into stuff you can't even imagine.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Your Capricorn dog will be fairly independent, and somewhat aloof, but they will have their cuddly side. When they're ready for you to serve them. There's an air of “I'm in charge here” about them. But overall, they're an easy dog sign to deal with. If they get too bored though they'll definitely get into trash or eat furniture so make sure there are toys tucked around the house for them hunt down and chew on while you're out. You'll get a sense from your Capricorn dog that they'll summon you when they need you so be ready. Because if you ignore them, they'll never let you forget it. Give them a special place that's warm and cozy to sleep in and dress for success with a Dog Neck Tie! Something a human would feel comfortable in-because they know they are just like us. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Aquarian dogs will find ways to open doors that are locked, and may have a fear of loud noises like thunder or some unusual quirky habits. But they'll respond well to wearing a thunder shirt or any kind of device that will help them calm down. They're little mad scientists and you won't know what they'll get into next. They love to do human stuff -these are the dogs you see in videos skateboarding or jumping on trampolines, things like that. So, let your curious pupper explore and see what fun things you can train them to do! They can be a bit obstinate at times and may get a little upset if you pay attention to any other animals. And they probably will be territorial so make sure there's a good fence around their play area. They're a little extra emotionally, a little crazy, but super fun and entertaining. The bright orange Wild Child Rhinestone bandana would suit them perfectly.

Pisces (February 19-March 20) Pisces are soooo sweet but a little hard to train. Their attention span varies but they can learn the basics and they want to please so much. Pisces pups will look at you with those big, watery eyes and you'll be under their spell with no way out. They're pretty chill unless you're upset, then, like Cancer dogs, they'll key into your feelings and fidget and seem “off” until you settle down enough to let them comfort you. Their idea of comforting you may be to bring you their favorite toy so know it's not always because they want to play. They just like to share. This pup will be under your feet all the time or like to lick your feet or have some fascination with toes. So if they start young, break them of the habit quickly or as they get bigger you may end up tripping over them a lot. The Mighty Dog Harness would help you train them in the simple “heel” command.


Sun Signs for Dogs by Suzie Kerr Wright


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