PetPonia’s primary mission is to promote dog adoption and support animal shelters. Here are some ways by which we aim to engage in this support:

  • We donate 10 -15% of our monthly profits to an animal organization
  • In a partnership program, we are soon launching with shelters across the country, we will be photographing shelter dogs with PetPonia’s products. These photos will then not only be donated to the shelter in order to help promote dog adoption but will also be featured on our various social media accounts, along with our website. So, keep an eye out for some gorgeous dog models styling with PetPonia products on our website soon!
  • We are formally committed to providing 50% of coverage for 3 to 5 dog adoptions monthly. As our platform grows, we will be increasing the number of adoptions that we will be co-funding on a monthly basis.

We truly believe that every dog should have a loving home, and we are ready to follow up on the current charity initiative with others. For us, these are just our first steps in our overall, grand mission. We truly thank you for your support in helping make this possible.

Animal rescue organization that we’ve helped so far:

      • Save me foundation
      • With love to animals
      • WOW
      • Humaine Society of Washington County
      • Soi Dog Foundation