Every Order Donates 1lb of Food to Animal Shelters

About Us


Every venture has an origin, and PetPonia is no different. Back in 2015, I encountered and fell in love with a beautiful pup in a local shelter. She was all sorts of ‘pawesome’ and stole my heart from the get-go! Her unconditional love was my driving inspiration to start helping rescue dogs and rescue operations as much as I could. In my efforts to assist, PetPonia was born.

 PetPonia combines premium quality with modern and unique designs for every pup’s personality and style. No pawrent should sacrifice quality for style and comfort because their fur-babies can have it all with us.

PetPonia’s mission has, from its very onset, been to offer dog parents high-quality products for their beloved four-legged counterparts, while promoting the adoption of rescue dogs and assisting animal organizations. How much help we can offer with these great efforts is unlimited, especially with your help! While your pup enjoys the products you purchased from us, you will know that every purchase made is helping a rescue dog find their forever home.

Our commitment is to provide every four-legged customer and their parent with only the finest luxury pet products. Our lineup offers everything including high-quality apparel, durable leashes, harnesses, collars, and a wide variety of dog favorite and puppy approved toys, all made from the highest quality materials.  It is certainly not lost on us that like any other person, pet parents are busy people, and we value your business as much as we respect how much you value your time. When PetPonia took off, we envisioned a convenient online platform through which our products could be purchased and quickly shipped right to the owners’ homes without any stress or hassles. We curate and select the highest quality merchandise and package it with care.  We believe that you will really like what you find with PetPonia!